Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance is Not Dead (Not a story about me)

OK - not that my life isn't super romantic - but this is a cute story about some strangers. Today is Valentine's Day and Anna and I decided to celebrate by going to Disneyland. Yup, I'm going hard with this Disney thing. I'm thinking... WEEKLY.

So back to the sweet story. We waited in line to meet Tinkerbelle, and basically all any of the kids want to do is meet Tink herself. You go into a little fairy hollow, it's quite cute. But before you meet Tinkerbelle, Vidia is there. I've only seen parts of the Tinkerbelle movie, but in the parts I've seen Vidia is kind of a meanie. So no big surprise that most kids aren't really dying to meet her. Now I didn't think of bringing valentines for any of the characters but I'm guessing some people did. Because a young Disney employee guy working the Tinkerbelle fairy line came up to Anna and I before we met Vidia and asked us to give her a piece of paper.  I looked at it and it read:

"Happy Valentine's Day Vidia" ... with a little drawing of a heart.

He had clearly written it himself. He was a youngish guy, probably high school age, and I'm guessing he was a little smitten with the girl playing Vidia. He said to us - "she hasn't gotten a valentine all day". Aw! Not that I knew characters were getting valentines but to hear that some were getting them and not her, so sad. And so sweet of this guy!

Here is Anna presenting the Valentine:

I loved it because Vidia was clearly touched. I was proud of Anna for being brave enough to pull it off. I hope Vidia finds out it was her coworker who did it and I hope he gets a shot!

Happy Valentine's Day!