Friday, February 10, 2012


In a fortunate turn of events, Uri attended a sales conference in Anaheim. Since Anna and my calendars are pretty free these days, we decided to hitch a ride down with him. We took this opportunity to stay at the Disney Grand Californian, which I've always wanted to do. We had a blast.

I rocked the Ergo carrier again. Two days in a row. You know, it seems hard core but I think it actually saved me a bit. Strollers are definitely easier in the space between rides when you are moving around the park. But a lot of the time you are waiting in a line without the stroller, which is where the Ergo comes in handy. Plus - talk about extra leg workout.

I used to go to Disneyland at least yearly as a kid and then in high school I had an annual pass. I remember in high school thinking... "who would stand in line to meet a character?" and "parades and shows are dumb"... which is exactly how I spent a lot of my time this week. We stood in line for every character we saw - although lines were really manageable mid week in February. I went ahead and bought a limited annual pass so Anna and I can go every week or so ... kids under 3 are free so might as well.

I wasn't sure how she would do with the parade - loud music, characters going past, other people lined up to watch. Holy cow I'm glad we did it - she lost her MIND with excitement. I tried to stand her up on a planter type thing so she could see better but she had to get down so she could DANCE and DANCE and DANCE. Here is a horrible video of it:

You can see she even made a little friend and dragged her into the dance-a-thon. Seriously, she danced like this for the entire parade. It was awesome.

So I took Anna out of her school. They told us we are responsible for paying until they find a replacement - sucks. I paid for February although we won't be in at all this month.  They better get their act together this month. Everyone knows they have a waiting list so there is really no excuse. I am going to think about part-time preschool again when she gets closer to 3 and when fall enrollments start happening.

Things have been going really well although I have so much less time to blog and comment on blogs of my friends. I am not sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day so that makes sense. If you have missed my comments on your blog - know that I'm still reading along.

Of course, being a mom, I've found a way to work feelings of guilt into this whole thing - guilty that it took me so long to figure out that quitting my job was absolutely the right thing to do. Yesterday I took Anna to the park for a picnic lunch and it was just so beautiful and peaceful - I wished that I had been braver sooner. But, perhaps by taking the time I did, it is allowing me to appreciate my time at home even more. I feel so blessed. OK - off to the grocery store!