Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks a lot, dick neighbor.

Well, this morning was quite an adventure. Since Anna has been sick for a while, she's been waking up in the night and we go to her and soothe her, of course. Now that she's getting better, she still wakes sometimes and we're trying to get her to stay in bed and soothe herself back to sleep. Anyone who's gone through this knows that you have a few tough nights before things become peaceful again.

Today, Anna woke around 4:15 and was inconsolable. Uri went in and tried to comfort her but she cried for about 30 minutes. He brought her into bed with us, where I sang to her for a while and got her to calm down. Then around 5:00, she wanted to go play with play-dough or with the iPad. Although the iPad is pretty quiet entertainment, we're not going to let her wake up and play at 5:00 in the morning. So we put her back in her crib where she - big surprise - started crying again. About 20 minutes into it, we hear the doorbell ring.

I told Uri it was probably a neighbor and to tell them that Anna is sick. So he goes to the door and I can hear pieces of the conversation...

Neighbor: "For two years this has been going on..."

Uri: "...she's not even two years old..." (nice, babe!)

Neighbor: "Can't you DO SOMETHING about this?"

 Uri: "...she's sick... there are other babies in the building too you know..."

So anyway, not pleasant. I questioned Uri about the guy but all he noticed was that he was wearing a baseball cap. Not if he was taller or shorter than Uri, not if it was our next door neighbor (who we've lived next to for three years), not if he was young or old. I guess it's better this way because I'm not eying everyone suspiciously now, trying to figure out who it was. I am PRETTY sure the guy doesn't have kids, or it's been a while since his kids were babies and he forgot what it was like.

She did fall asleep like two minutes after the guy left - which might have confirmed his suspicion that we could "do something" about it - but she was just exhausted from crying.

Anna really doesn't cry that much. We didn't even let her cry for a minute until she was eight months old - I know because I documented it here. So that's 10 months that she could possibly be crying in the mornings, not two years like our neighbor said. Besides, she doesn't cry in the morning all that often. I have heard other babies crying - I remember there was one stretch where Anna was sleeping really well in the morning and I could hear a baby crying upstairs. It was a bummer because any baby crying makes me wake up. I have seen at least two other small babies in the building so I really don't think this whole crying for the last two years thing is Anna. It's a bit unfortunate for neighbor guy because our places are condos (we just rent one from an owner) so it's probably not as easy for him to pick up and move. I'm sure he's frustrated but so are we! It's not like we're having a big party and boozing it up at 5:00 am with a crying baby. It sucks for us too! We're trying to do our best!

So I have to know, what do you guys think?

Crying baby in a shared building...