Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, turns out that Anna probably has Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), not Croup. Uri and my  mom took her into the pediatrician today to have her checked out because she got worse yesterday. She never coughed too much but last night she had a fever and also her nose was running. This morning she started getting a rash and she's just cranky. Poor thing - it's never fun to be sick, and I can't imagine how it feels when you are little and you don't know what's going on.

I had to come into work today so I skipped on the appointment. I was so busy this week and only being able to work partially while being home with her really set me back. But I feel like I have things under control and hopefully next week she'll be fine on Tuesday when it's time for her to go back to school.

I know she has it much worse than I do but I am so tired. Anna isn't the type of baby who likes to chill, not even when she's sick. She's always very active and when she's sick she's very active and cranky. I haven't been sleeping well because I'm worried about her and then she wakes up early - I just feel like I'm going to crash any second now. I used to remember on Fridays how I couldn't wait to have cocktails and go out for dinner - now I just can't wait until the day is over and I can sleep in my bed. My awesome, amazing bed.

Those of you out there with well babies - ramp up your hand washing! This stuff is going around and it's not fun.