Friday, February 25, 2011

Possibly Helpful - Talking Alarm Clock

It's no secret that we've had quite a bit of difficulty with Anna and sleeping. I've read every darned sleep book and now I wish I hadn't. For me, it's been a gut thing, learning each step of the way. Darn you books, you were WRONG about Anna. This girl went for months on end with one 30 minute nap all day. She defies sleep book logic.

We're finally at the point where our night time routine is paying off somewhat - bath, books, bed. I put Anna in her bed awake and sometimes she cries a little when I walk out but sometimes - oh those wonderful nights - sometimes she is just fine with it. She usually talks to herself for a bit before going to sleep and Uri and I love to listen, she says the funniest stuff. I know, some day listening on the monitor will be creepy spying but I think for now it's still okay.

One place where our progress is much slower is with early waking. Like her mama, Anna is an early riser. However, her perception of early is very different from mine. We have had many incidents of very early morning wakings. This has gotten better as time went on, but not great. I read the post and every single question on Moxie's post about early waking. I feared for the 18 month sleep regression and strategerized on how I might possibly get us through this phase if it came. Of course with kids - the solution is always to turn to buying things, right? Well, okay, not really but I was feeling desperate.

So I turned to the Talking Alarm Clock.

American Innovative Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight

American Innovative Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Obviously, since she's been sick it hasn't helped that much. You can't blame a sick baby for waking up at any time of day or night. But since we got the clock a couple weeks ago, I have been talking a lot with her about how when the clock glows yellow, it's time to sleep and how when the clock glows green, it's time to get up. As she's been feeling better, I think it might be working a little bit.

This morning, I heard her get up around 6:00 am and make some noise. However, the clock does not glow green (OK to get up) until 6:30 am. So she made a little noise but stayed mostly quiet in bed. I went and got her at 6:30 and made a big deal about how good she was to stay in bed until the clock turned green - I hope it's sinking in. Of course, Uri asks why we can't set the clock to a later time but shoot, it's not a miracle worker. I figure if we can get to 6:30 consistently, then we can start pushing it back little by little. We'll see.

I should probably tell my neighbor about all the progress we're making with the alarm clock and get him to kick down $20 towards the clock, right?

Have a great weekend everyone. Looks like rain here but Sunday should be nice. We'll try to take pictures again, I think it's nice to have some to start the week with. Certainly brings a smile to my face.