Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Last Hour - Always the Hardest

Back in my undergrad days, I lived in the sorority house. Although most things from those days are far behind me, there is one tradition that has leaked into my current life: the 4:00 boredom hour. However, now it's just transitioned to 3:00.

The 4:00 boredom hour was the seemingly endless hour we had to wait before dinner was served. Most of us were back from class and just waiting to eat dinner so we could get on with the rest of our nights. Which was mostly comprised of drinks at one fraternity or another. We lamented the ennui of this hour and flopped around the house, often watching awful television in those days before the DVR. Dinner was never served soon enough.

Nowadays, every week day at work when 3:00 rolls around, the clock starts to drag. I look at the clock on my computer - it's 3:05. Clock on my phone what seems like an eternity later: 3:21. Go to the bathroom, look at watch - 3:37. Sigh. It's because at 4:00 I leave to go and get Anna. I really miss her during the day. While I enjoy having a break (if you have a toddler you know how work can be considered a relaxation), I just can't wait until that moment that I first see her after being apart the whole day. I used to think it was exciting when our cats would run up to us when we came home but that can't even get close to what it feels like when Anna sees me and says "mommy!", or often "Anna's mommy!"

I can't wait to pick her up and smell her delicious combination of outdoors, milk and nap that she has in the afternoon. I kiss her a million times, so grateful that she's too young to be embarrassed by it. It's my favorite time of day.