Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fifth Disease

I had to take Anna to the pediatrician today because I suspected she had Fifth disease, or "slap face". Sounds really terrible but it's not too big a deal - I think Hand-Foot-Mouth was worse. What's interesting to me is I am sure I knew what the symptoms for Fifth disease were because of the blogosphere. I remember reading about another child who had it so yesterday when they had me pick Anna up at school, I was reasonably confident about what was wrong.

She's just a bit out of sorts and her cheeks are red and flushed (much less so today than yesterday), she has a little bit of a red rash on her arms too - so it looks like she has a pretty mild case. She has a prescription for lots of rest and TLC from me. I will keep her out of school today and tomorrow, so she can recuperate and also to avoid the risk of a secondary infection since the virus weakens the immune system. But I think she'll be totally fine by Monday.

I am grateful that my employer is flexible with me so that I am able to work at home today and tomorrow. Working from home is definitely not ideal but it's nice to be able to get work done and not have to take sick days.

Also, remember when I said that preparing your kids for Harvard was not the point? I am totally taking that back. Today our pediatrician said that "sometimes, you can tell what a person is going to be like as an adult when they are very small... and Anna is going to attend an Ivy League school. We need more people like Anna in the world." So yeah, I guess we'd better start saving. Ha ha ha. Of course I took that with a grain of salt but still, it was a nice compliment.