Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bone

I can't believe I've waited this long to do a post about the "Bone" - which is Anna's funny name for the iPad. I am not quite sure why she calls it that - maybe because it is similar to Uri's phone. She calls it the iPad sometimes too but mostly just Bone. It's weird, yeah.

Uri and I have been pretty good at not letting Anna watch television. Sure, we had football on during the season but she wasn't too interested in it and I would try to make sure the volume was turned all the way down and we just had music on. (Don't ask me why I thought the music made it better.) Also, I really hate listening to sports announcers.

So although I've been very strict with the television, we're hopeless when it comes to the iPad. She just loves it so much. It's become part of our daily routine: Anna wakes up, I bring her into our bed with a bottle of milk, she drinks it and plays the iPad. I've also started bringing all of us breakfast in bed - even during week days we all just like hanging out there and getting the day started slowly.

I guess we're basically letting our child play video games every day. I feel a little better about it because a lot of her games are learning oriented or even books. Some of her favorite games lately are:

Then there are some with less educational value but she loves them just the same:
 Then we have some with no educational value at all... hand-eye coordination?
Oh and these are just some of her apps - no way I'm going to list them all. (But if you have an iPhone or iPad these are worth checking out. Well, maybe not Frogger and PAC-MAN.)

Anyway, I'm not quite sure what the answer is with this. I did read the NYT article that said more schools are embracing the iPad so at least that's a good thing. But still, it's not creative play on her own - it's definitely not RIE.

Although it's not an excuse - I feel a little better that she gets a lot of outdoor play and creative play at school. It's not like ALL her time at home is playing on the iPad, but she definitely plays it every morning and almost every evening before her bath. What I like about it is that it's a mellow time for her and I can tell she enjoys practicing some of the skills. Some of the games are really fun too - I can see why she likes to spend time on it.

Do you let your child play on the iPhone or iPad? What do you think about it? Care to vote in my poll?

iPad: Ruining Anna's Brain?