Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So we're having a huge dinner at our place for Thanksgiving - 21 if you count me, DH and the little one. OK, so she doesn't really get a table setting so let's say 20. Yes, we have a 2 bedroom apartment. We'll make it work - I rent tables and figure a way to push all the furniture around and accommodate everyone.

I am incredibly thankful that DH is doing the cooking and not me. If I were responsible for our meal we'd be having festive pizza delivery. We are also getting help from our guests, many of the people coming are bringing dishes. We're providing turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, some kind of potato or yam dish and cranberry sauce. Whatever else we're having is coming from our guests. It will be fun but it's also kind of hectic.

I am still in charge of setting the table like every year (yes, we do this madness every year). I briefly considered doing paper plates and napkins since this has been so successful for all the other times I have people over. But damn, it's Thanksgiving so I thought I had better man up and do real plates and glasses. I am not actually sure that we have enough because I didn't think we'd have so many people. I definitely don't have enough stuff that matches, but I'm way over that. With the rate that we break plates & glasses around our house I just make do with what's still in one piece.

I realize that I don't have anything to decorate the tables with this year - oops. Usually I have something marvelous planned out weeks in advance. I'll have to send DH to the store to get some fresh flowers and I'll just put them in glasses willy nilly wherever they fit. Willy nilly? Where did I even get that? ha ha ha.

In an unrelated note, today I read on the interwebs (which is never wrong) that 1 ounce of breastmilk takes 20 calories to make. That would be so crazy! I would be burning like 1000 calories a day! Holy cow! I am not sure if that's true but man, I'll really have to cut back on my eating when I stop pumping. Or maybe I'll just pump forever! Ha - no way, I am tired of my boobs hurting all the time.

Well, I want to do a post of what I'm thankful for, maybe tomorrow. And then we'll have all sorts of fun Thanksgiving photos. The little one has a cute sparkly dress that daddy bought at the Fred Segal sale - but unfortunately I was out of luck when I tried to buy a pair of white footless tights this weekend. I like the footless tights because she's wider than she is tall at this point so the tights that fit her bum are a little long for her legs. But I couldn't find any and I also couldn't find any cute diaper covers so she'll just be wearing the tights that are a little long for her. Maybe I'll put some shoes on to cover up the long tights. I realize I have a few pairs of shoes that people gave us - one pair she's already grown out of... yet another thing I put away without her even wearing it... oops!


  1. Gosh, I love your attitude!

  2. this might be a little late for thanksgiving, but a good solution to the too long tights might be baby legs! little leg warmers for babies. you can get them here:
    and target carries some too for less:

  3. too cute! I didn't know Target had them, I love the rainbow ones. I am going to have to get some.


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