Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Bought a Breast Pump - Limerick PJ's Comfort

On an earlier post, I wrote about different types of breast pumps I was researching. Since then, I continued shopping around for them and although I was going to wait longer to buy one, I found one that I liked and snapped it up.

Most people I know have the Medela Pump in Style:

It seems to be a great pump and work really well for people. If you are going to buy the Pump in Style I recommend you buy it here at the Lactation Connection because they have the best price. Plus it's in Texas so you California moms don't have to pay tax - which is like 10% now!

The problem I have with the PIS is it is only FDA approved for single user. That means you can't sell it when you are done or pass it on to a friend. Now of course I know people who pass it to friends and I also got multiple offers on Peachhead of women selling their PIS pumps for $50 - $100. Although the possibility of bacteria contaminating the pump is low, it is still there and not a gamble I was willing to take for $200 or so.

The pump I liked most at the time of my previous research was the Hygeia Enjoye.

It's relatively new and what I like about it is that it's FDA approved for multiple users. Just a more green solution if you ask me. The Enjoye goes for $200 - $300 depending on the accessories you get and again, I found a great price at the Lactation Connection. I thought it was cool that you could purchase it without the ugly backpack.

That's another problem I have with the Medela PIS - the pump is built right in to the ugly backpack. I read some reviews of the PIS where the backpack started falling apart and then you are kind of stuck.

So in further research I found a really neat pump that actually has some different features that I think are a real bonus: The Limerick PJ's Comfort Breast Pump.

The features that I really like about this breast pump are mainly that the pump is only 1.5 pounds (great for carrying to work) and also that the horn part that attaches to the breast is soft silicon instead of hard plastic. The reviews I read about it say that it's really comfortable.

Limerick also sells a handy dandy kit to make the pump hands free on any nursing bra:

The hand free system has a hook that slides into the nursing bra loop just above the release clasps. The two swivel hooks attach to each side of the brace on the breast cups.

This is only $20. I think that's neat because you don't have to buy a specific hands free bra. I'm definitely going to order one of these and perhaps a few other accessories from Limerick's site.

Also great - the PJ's comfort is FDA approved for multiple users: A one-micron filter between the kit and pump prevents bacteria, viruses and milk from entering the pump, thus preventing cross contamination (documented in a study by Arbor Technology available on request).

I also like that the company is right here in Burbank and was founded by two women. They are very active in corporate lactation programs which is neat. I emailed the company with a question last week and a woman wrote me back & gave me her number to call her. I called with my question and realized after talking to her that she was the CEO of the company - Patricia Kelly. That's great customer service!

Now these pumps cost quite a bit more than the PIS. It's $595 for the kit with the backpack and the cooler. However, bargain hunter that I am, I found one on Craigslist that had never been used:

The seller received it in 2007 as part of a corporate lactation program and never used it, all the parts are still in the plastic that they came in (as you can see above). I did consider buying some used ones from ebay because you can just buy the tube/horn accessory part from Limerick for $65. But the way the costs worked out - the new one was only a little more. Limerick has a 3-year warranty so I'm hoping if anything goes wrong they will be cool about it even though I'm not the original purchaser. I feel like they have a pretty good customer service policy if I can get right through to the CEO!

The seller and I agreed on $250 and she is paying the shipping from Northern San Diego. We used PayPal and she is shipping it today. I feel like she is legitimate and that I will actually get the pump. I buy so much online and have never had a problem. Plus she was really nice on email and I just got a good feeling.

The only bummer is since this pump is the 2007 version it is not BPA free. But I figure I will pour the milk from the pump bottles into my own storage bottles and baby bottles which are BPA free and hopefully that will limit the BPA seepage or whatever. I feel okay with it. I could also purchase a BPA free accessory set if that concerns me. The important thing is I have the pump.

So anyway that's my pump story!

Note: I did receive my breast pump and everything about it is great. I want people who are considering buying the PJ's Comfort used to know that Limerick recommends you purchase a whole new accessory set for the pump - this is $65 on their website. You can reuse the pump itself as well as the backpack, cooler, and part that plugs in to the wall but you should get a new filter, tubing, horns, bottles, etc. I know some people are okay with sharing but that's the official stance. Breast milk is similar to a blood product medically I guess so I think it's better to be safe than sorry.


  1. That same breastpump is on Craigslist still. Here is the link: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/bab/1271772532.html
    Also, I found the tubing at the PJ website for only $8.50 - not the whoppig $65 you misquoted. Please, correct ME if I am wrong. Here is that linlk:

  2. Thanks for the comment! The $65 I quoted is for a full set of tubes and bottles, horns - the whole shebang. Sorry if that wasn't more clear - that's why I included links in the blog. If I bought a used pump on ebay - I'd want that whole new kit.
    I think that often ads stay on Craigslist for up to 7 days so that may be why it is still there. Not sure. It looks like UPS delivered my package today though - so we'll see when I get home if it's there.

  3. I hope so Mama :) The posting should be deleted by the author and if they do not, it stays up. That is the most likely reason.
    I found your link when I searched for PJ Limerick.

  4. Your going to have some wardrobe of maternity clothes leftover, what will you do with them all?

  5. Maternity clothes - that's for sure. I guess I'll still be wearing a bunch of them for a while since I'll probably still be bigger. After that a bunch of them go back to my friend Tiff who loaned them to me and the rest go into a drawer in the closet for friends who want to borrow and possibly baby #2. Not totally sure about baby #2 yet!

  6. Update: Got home and the pump was here! It's awesome. All brand new still sealed in plastic. Comes with a cool user manual and a breastfeeding DVD that I'm going to check out. Yay for PJ's Comfort and yay for Craigslist!

  7. The hands free thing will be helpful. And if you need a second one, just buy a cheap sports bra and cut holes in it for the pumping cups. I did that and it totally works.

  8. Little late to comment but I received this pump as part of my corporate program through work when I had my son 2 years ago and loved it. I had to do a lot of travel out of state when I returned to work and it traveled great as well. Good luck and great choice.

  9. How is the breastpump working out for you? Have you sold those maternity items yet?

  10. The breast pump is great - I highly recommend it. All my maternity clothes have been shipped off to a pregnant friend!

  11. Thank you for the post, I liked reading it, keep posts like this coming, i am going to bookmark your blog right now!

  12. I'm looking for a used PJ's Comfort and am in Oregon. Anyone know where I might find one. There's one on Ebay right now but it looks a little worse for the wear...

  13. Jenny - I'd keep watching ebay and craigslist, I know on ebay they show up off and on... also you may want to check this site:


    I saw one being listed there once...good luck!

  14. Did you end up buying the $65 bundle of new parts?

  15. Hi Megan -

    I did not end up buying the new parts as this pump was all new when I got it. However, I just gave the pump to my sister in law and she is buying the set of new parts.



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